My practice revolves around the evolutionary logic of nature and its application to painting. I am interested in painting’s ability to articulate the distance between the abstract elements of life and the living, the space between animal and human, or between two brothers. It is a way of understanding the world through differences. It is also an attempt to imbricate the organic indeterminacy of nature within the process of painting: an effort to un-conceal the repetitive, buzzing vibration that escapes any one specific narrative of life. It is an exercise in being free and forceful.

I approach the landscape in each canvas as a cosmos of line, color, and form; marks that construct a field of possibilities and compete for survival. These movements then begin to shape the narrative. They are populated with figures struggling to carve out a space that is not created by a higher pre-ordering principle. They search, investigate, and react to their surrounding space, which is ready to engulf them if they don’t strike the right balance with the chemistry of paint and color. Each individual story, much like the daily events of ones life, imposes itself at first with great urgency, and ultimately is only consequential insofar as it brings meaningful contribution to the world it occupies.

These paintings aim to depict a natural logic rather than a representation of specific moments or scenery. Through their scale and accumulated layers of material and imagery they offer a record of an activity as they engage with their subjects. They offer to the viewer, as they do to me, an experience akin to entering a landscape: an exploration through which all the beings involved are in the process of becoming something new.

For more information regarding the work or future exhibitions, please contact Mohammad Reza Javaheri.